About DCB

Danish Crane Building A/S was established in 1983 and works on a basis of more than 30 years’ experience with cranes and lifting gear. The company is the only Danish crane factory, which has the competence and capacity to all the aspects of development, planning, production and montage of cranes.

We assures that we live up to our motto “The right solution to the right price in due time” with our own construction-, electricity- and production departments.

DCB, as we are called colloquially, delivers traverskraner, svingkraner, wiretaljer, kædetaljer og portalkraner based on a wide standard program, which is customized for the customer’s needs and desires.
Machine room cranes are one of DCB’s special fields on the world market. We produce cranes to shipyards all around the world. We also produce process cranes to CHP-stations, incineration plants and dairy plants.

Planning to the final lift

DCB handles all tasks in crane solutions – from introductory planning to final installation.

Our expertise includes consulting, technical sales, mechanical and electric production and assembly and servicing of completed cranes and crane systems.
Our service department also carry out service on other crane types and products.

Respect for the details

We literally work with "heavy tasks"

However, it is in the small details that DCB makes the difference, despite the steal and heavy freights. This applies from our ultimate respect for our customers’ needs for competent counselling before, under and after a sale and right to the end with our servicing engineers eye for security and economy in the crane systems we service.

Strong partnerships

DCB has a unique strength by having the development- and construction-department under the same roof as production, sales and service in Nibe.

The period of continuously employment with our 65 employees is high which combined with the generally high education- and quality level in North Jutland has helped make DCB a valuable player for some of the world’s biggest manufactures of crane components and lifting gear.
We are agents for ex. Voith in Denmark and Voith in Scandinavia.
Pfeifer, Conductix-Wampfler, Liftket and JAY-Electronique are all close business partners with us.

A promising future

DSB is in a continuous positive development in our fields of operation.

We believe in Danish quality craft and we respect the value of well-educated employees and care for our customers’ needs. As a financially secure company with the future in mind, DCB is prepared to deliver unique products and is determined to continue bringing growth and development to the company.