Biomass handling cranes (bulk)

Automatic cranes for handling of biomass cover handling of different materials in bulk, such as w chipped wood, wood pellets, pellets, recycled wood and similar. Generally all sorts of biomass.

Type of grab to be used is determined by the nature of the material. We provide either clamshell grabs or orange peel grabs.

Cranes are typically operated unmanned in full automatic operation with the option of remote monitoring.

DCB is a supplier of total solutions for full automatic crane systems. Our technicians delivers a professional solution that precisely and reliably correspond to the requirements of the plant.

The features of a full-automatic crane is as following:

  • Continuous operation
  • High performance – at least 15 operations per hour
  • Design life time of >10 years of continuous operation
  • High availability, normally >96% (stability)

More pictures of Chip Cranes from DCB