Danish Crane Building A/S has developed, produced and delivered cranes in more than 30 years.
A complete list of references would therefore be completely unmanageable and irrelevant.

Please contact one of the employees in our sales department if you are interested in a list of references. They will gladly provide a list which is relevant to you.

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Here's a short selection of testimonials from our customers

Testimonials from our customers

"DCB provided an automatic crane for handling of biomass to two of our projects in Norway back in 2013.

DCB has fulfilled all of our expectations and demands right from the planning and to changes in the cranes operating system from remote operation."

- Thomas Karlsson, Statkraft

"Assens Fjernvarme’s partnership with DCB was decided because of their technical competence in the field of cranes and their experience with automating crane systems.

We have continued updating and renewed our crane systems over time to ensure that Assens Fjernvarme holds the newest technology. DCB has been highly professional in this process – right from the introductory counselling to the final installation and commissioning to operate.

Our crane systems is in the heart of our production, which is why we are highly dependent of project deadlines and agreed upon plans. Because of this, Assens Fjernvarme is unable to accept unnecessary downtime or breakdowns. Our experience with DCB is that they are a competent partner in these situations."

- Marc Roar Hintze, CEO, Assens Fjernvarme

"We had issues with our previous crane system back in 2012 and felt that we did not receive the necessary support from our previous contractor. That led to a contact to DCB that quickly resulted in some very constructive initiatives and a very serious follow-up, which ensured that our downtime was minimal.

DCB showed us again that they were service minded, flexible and solution-oriented when we had a serious fire in our silo-area where two of our current crane systems burnt down. They were quick with an offer and prioritized our and the insurance company’s wish of a fast delivery, they made alternative initiatives to ensure the system was running with temporary solutions while the delivery was on the way.

An honourable mention would be the acute solution when the best of our burnt down cranes was transported to Nibe, where DCB quickly renovated it and upgraded it to be remote controlled. This helped us tremendously with getting up and running again. In addition, DCB was simultaneously working on two new traverskraner that were delivered within the estimated schedule.

The news cranes were delivered and run in. Our staff was instructed in using the new cranes to our full satisfaction.
DCB has following shown to be very competent and service minded. They are to this day our natural choice as service supplier to our crane systems.

We also see DCB as flexible and solution-oriented as we wanted to be able to control two vents in our silo-area. DCB installed controls into the crane system without any trouble, so now our staff can control the vents from the crane chair.

We have nothing but praise towards DCB and we expect a long and positive partnership with them."

- Brian Støttrup, Operating Supervisor EL and SRO, Aars Fjernvarme

"Lemvig Varmeværk has had DCB as our service partner on our chip crane through the last 11 years.

We see DCB as a solid collaborator who live up their promises. Their service organisation works perfectly."

- Svend Erik Bjerg, Operating Supervisor, Lemvig Varmeværk

"Great collaborator - fast delivery and always ready assist"

- Flemming Andersen, Bladt Industries A/S

“We have completed 30 projects with fixed biofuels for different Danish district heating stations here as Tjæreborg Industri in the past 13 years.

DCB has been our supplier and collaborator in about 25 of these projects, where they have delivered automatic crane systems for delivering fuel to boiler plants. We see DCB as a crucial collaborator when dealing with these types of systems.

We are also collaborating with DCB as a service provider, which means that our customers’ crane systems quickly and professionally gets maintained while DCB also provides service on other components on their boiler plants with a minimum of downtime.

We are expecting to keep using DCB as a collaborator and supplier on equivalent systems in the future.”

- Leif Hornbak, Sales manager, Tjæreborg Industri A/S